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Driving Safety
27 December, 2016
Sotiris Kanaris visited ABB’s drive factory in Helsinki, Finland, and talked to product manager Risto Tiihonen about the company’s products and applications.

Industry 4.0
27 December, 2016
Manufacturers are taking the first steps towards making lifting equipment smarter, following on from trends to develop smarter factories in high-end manufacturing and the oil and gas industries, Bernadette Ballantyne Reports

Remotes go fishing
27 December, 2016
Seaquest Systems, a designer and manufacturer of equipment for fishing and offshore vessels, has chosen to use remote control systems from HBC-radiomatic (UK).

Safety at height
14 November, 2016
Fall protection and fall arrest systems are a vital element in providing safe working conditions for overhead crane engineers. We look at recent news from work at height safety equipment providers, and a range of technical solutions.

Lifting knowledge
14 November, 2016
CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is using an automatic hook from Elebia to lift and lower a 750kg concrete beam used for radiation tests at the Franco-Swiss site.

The odd couple
14 November, 2016
A Modulift spreader bar was used to allow a dockside gantry crane and crawler to work in tandem.

Street at port
14 November, 2016
Street Crane is helping Port of Blyth to enhance its fabrication services with a new Goliath crane.

Fall protection
27 October, 2016
In all workplaces, careful planning, expertise, and the right equipment choices, are key to avoiding accidents. For Nik Wallenda, one of the seventh generation of the famous family of tight-rope walkers, safe rigging is paramount.

Lifting safety
27 October, 2016
ArcelorMittal Construction, a global provider of building systems and materials, is using automatic hooks with overhead cranes to lift steel profiles at two sites in eastern France.

Hands free
27 October, 2016
A decade ago, oscar Fillol Vidal put together a prototype automated hook using Lego technics pieces. today, his company elebia’s hooks are used by customers including boeing, spaceX and enercon, and are being developed to be used as part of a smart lifting system. Will north spoke to him at the company’s barcelona offices

Lifting in the granite City
26 October, 2016
the 12th edition of the UK lifting exhibition Liftex will take place at the aberdeen exhibition and Conference Centre on the 23–24 november. here, we introduce the show. overleaf, we have the first of two exhibitor guides.

Crane squared
26 October, 2016
Crane manufacturer and lifting equipment specialist DT Engineering NW has built a Goliath crane on top of an overhead electric travelling crane in a car manufacturer’s press shop.

Inside and out
05 October, 2016
Mobile gantry cranes bridge the gaps between factory, yard, and construction site. Bernadette Ballantyne looks at the potential of this technology.

Knowledge is power
05 October, 2016
Straightpoint has developed a range of testing and inspection tools for 40 years. Recent jobs and applications demonstrate the wide range of applications for their expertise.

Imperial Measure
05 October, 2016
A Demag laser measuring system was used to survey crane runways for four steel coil cranes at Imperial Logistics, ahead of their refurbishment by Kranservice Rheinberg.

Ghana Load Test
04 October, 2016
Lloyds British Ghana supplied testing equipment for Orsam Engineering, as they installed and tested an overhead crane for their new workshop

Technology Transplant
04 October, 2016
Whiting has transplanted advanced material handling technology into the 200t crane at the Tulsa port of Catoosa.

As time goes by
22 August, 2016
As design standards increasingly adopt cycle-based classification Bernadette Ballantyne talks to Professor Markus Golder, who explains how to move between this and the previous time-based approach. Over the following pages, Eberhard Becker of Terex traces the adoption of cycle-based classification across the lifting industry, and Oliver Kempkes of Kuli discusses its impact on the overhead lifting sector.

Smart cranes
22 August, 2016
This year’s CeMat may have been quieter than previous years but companies still saw the value in product launches and networking. Keren Fallwell reports

Turning tables
22 August, 2016
UK-based crane manufacturer Pelloby has installed a bespoke turntable crane system at the Hereford foundry of super alloy manufacturer Special Metals.