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Axess wins contract to supply service cranes to aluminium factory
23 March, 2023 Axess Technologies, a supplier of cranes, lifting equipment and automation systems to various industrial companies, is to deliver four service cranes to Hyrdo’s Sunndal plant in Norway for use on two aluminium production lines.


US labour shortages: Hard work finding the staff
23 March, 2023 With the US facing labour shortages, supply chain issues and even talk of a recession, several businesses in the overhead crane industry describe what they are doing to help not only their customers, but themselves too. Tony Rock reports.
  • Chicago here we go!
    ProMat is where manufacturing and supply chain professionals discover new trends and tech and what the future holds for their operations.
  • Monitoring loads: Made to measure
    In the age of big data, load monitoring can tell you all you need to know and more about what is hanging on the end of your hook. It can also tell you what has hung there before, for how long, how far it travelled, and what the total strain on your hoisting rope has been. Julian Champkin reports.
  • Ports invest in post-Panamax shipping
    The expansion of the Panama Canal to accommodate larger ocean-going vessels was completed in 2016. Since then, ports continue to invest in shoreside infrastructure, docks and cranes amid further plans to expand the canal in 2025. Jenny Eagle investigates.


Mechan lifting jacks to support revamped UK rail depot
24 March, 2023 West Midlands Trains’ Bletchley depot in Milton Keynes, UK, is taking delivery of 21 Mechan lifting jacks, as part of a major refurbishment project due to complete in 2024.
  • LEEA expert column: An Education in Safety
    Ben Dobbs, head of technical services at the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, points to two pieces of legislation that form the basis of an education on safe practice in lifting
  • Below the hook: Turning point
    Special below-the-hook tools are available to rotate your load safely and efficiently in the air, says Sean Powers, Posi-Turner applications specialist, The Caldwell Group
  • Editor's Comment: Thinking about full automation?
    Marc Kleiner, MD of South African crane manufacturer Condra, has observed that the most noticeable trend in Africa’s overhead crane industry is the growing awareness of the benefits of full automation.
  • Kalmar to deliver last diesel-powered Classic Straddle Carrier
    Kalmar has now discontinued the diesel-powered Classic Straddle Carrier, with the final machine of this type heading to a terminal in East Asia later this year. Subsequently, Kalmar will focus exclusively on hybrid and diesel-electric straddle and shuttle carriers, as well as its line of FastCharge electric machines.