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ProLift Rigging Company acquires Prime Rigging
03 December, 2021 ProLift Rigging Company has acquired Prime Rigging.
  • The Crosby Group acquires Airpes
    The Crosby Group has acquired Airpes, a Spanish manufacturer of lifting, handling, and weighing solutions for customers in the wind energy and industrial markets, such as Yoke blade clamp.


30 November, 2021 As APM Terminals announces it will use a 5G network to connect all cranes, vehicles, and operators at the Port of Barcelona. Jenny Eagle looks at the latest news in Spain and its bounceback from COVID-19.
  • Who’s in control here?
    Technology now offers crane control systems that can do all that skilled operators can do but more smoothly, more efficiently and more safely. Julian Champkin investigates.
  • Cleaning up
    Clean room hoists are in high demand, buoyed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing semiconductor chip shortage. Mike Straus reports on the complexities of serving this unique sector.
  • All change at Tele Radio UK
    Tele Radio UK is entering its next phase of growth as it welcomes a new managing director John Suero, and Tele Radio Group as a whole expands internationally, adding subsidiaries in India, Russia, Brazil and the US.
  • Solar fusion
    As work on the world’s largest International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) progresses, we look at the cranes assembling the machinery inside the Tokamak.
  • Italy lifts itself up
    Italy’s engineering has a global reputation, and the country has many manufacturers of hoists and cranes. But the pandemic hit there hard and early. How have its hoist makers fared since then? Julian Champkin investigates and highlights recent projects.
  • Nerves of steel
    With the ongoing pressure on US President Joe Biden to lift steel tariffs and news that Sweden’s SSAB has produced the ‘world’s first fossil-free’ steel, Jenny Eagle looks at the latest projects in the metal distribution sector.


Verton appoints Tim Ekert as CEO
03 December, 2021 Tim Ekert has been appointed as CEO of Verton.
  • F&M Mafco partners with OptiCrib
    F&M Mafco has partnered with OptiCrib, to provide inventory management solutions to its NextSTEP and StrikeForce tool management programs.