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Dellner Brakes to preside over business operations for Pintsch Bubenzer products in the Nordic region
13 May, 2021 Dellner Brakes engineering centre is based in Borlänge, Sweden alongside established operation in Finland, is taking over the sales, management and support of Pintsch Bubenzer products for new and existing customers in the Nordic region, covering Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.
  • VIDEO: EU Regulation changes with Ben Dobbs, LEEA
    According to the UK Government Health and Safety Executive (HSE), while many companies are waiting to see what EU regulation changes will come into force, their equipment still needs to meet the minimum European safety requirements or designated standards after January 1, 2022.


Sway control
23 April, 2021 Anti-sway technology is one of the most sought after safety upgrades in crane modernization projects today as well as integrated digital control for Industry 4.0. Jenny Eagle investigates.
  • South of the border
    Latin America is large and diverse. As Julian Champkin discovers, its market for lifting gear is recovering from the pandemic.
  • Getting to grips
    Demand for speed & safety in critical lifting equipment is on the rise and while some projects have been put on hold due to coronavirus, the renewables sector is growing. Jenny Eagle investigates
  • Southern Comfort
    The market for hoists and factory cranes in Southern Europe is by no means as dire as some, in light of the pandemic, might have been led to believe. Julian Champkin finds optimism amongst its peers.


The Gloves are off! Will Dunn, LES survives Hoist quickfire 10 questions in 10 minutes...
13 May, 2021 As part of Hoist feature series, we kick off a ‘No holds barred’ interview with Will Dunn, CEO, Lifting Equipment Store and president, Lifting Equipment Store USA
  • Offshore wind farms, elevating safety & efficiency
    With China, the United States, and Europe making the largest new investments in renewable energy, including but not limited to wind, The Crosby Group has decided now is the right time to organise a webinar discussing new technologies in this sector.