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HMTV: Dellner Bubenzer exciting times for 2022!
21 January, 2022
Dellner Bubenzer announced its first product launch this month, following a company merger in June last year, with its SB 28.5 brake upgrade and a drive towards more sustainability.

Certex UK wins 3-year wind farm inspection contract
19 January, 2022
Certex UK has won a three-year contract by Equinor, which operates Dudgeon and Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farms off the Norfolk coast, for inspection and maintenance of over 150 turbine generators across two wind farms.

BVS Cranes study wins Innovative Project award
18 January, 2022
BVS Cranes is celebrating after it won Best Innovative Project award for its ‘Distant Room Remote Control System’ study, which will be published in the European Journal of Science and Technology.

Kito visits Aktio Corp. newly opened Osaka DL Centre
18 January, 2022
Kito paid a visit to the recently opened Osaka DL Center of Aktio Corp. recently.

Konecranes delivers 3 RMG cranes to Port of Virginia
18 January, 2022
Konecranes has delivered 3 more Rail-Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes to the Port of Virginia US, for its Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) facility.

Dellner Bubenzer launches SB 28.5 disc brake
14 January, 2022
Dellner Bubenzer has launched a SB 28.5 disc brake, now available worldwide.

Liebherr supplies 3 RMGs to CSX Intermodal in North Carolina
12 January, 2022
Liebherr Container Cranes has supplied three fully automated rail mounted gantry cranes to CSX Carolina Connector Intermodal Terminal (CCX) in Rocky Mount, North Carolina with Liebherr Remote operator Stations (ROS) for supervised moves.

JLT Mobile Computers acquires ID Work
12 January, 2022
JLT Mobile Computers has acquired longtime French sales partner ID Work, which will now become JLT France, with ID Work founder Philippe Briantais as managing director of the new operation.

CRS CraneSystems champions hazardous coal dust environment
12 January, 2022
CRS CraneSystems has installed a 65/15 ton hazardous Class 2, Division 2, Group F rated bridge crane for a facility expansion at a coal terminal in Canada.

Driving change
12 January, 2022
From start-up Canoo’s Lifestyle Vehicle to Dodge announcing it will launch the ‘World’s first battery electric muscle car’ in 2024, Jenny Eagle looks at changes in the automotive industry, noting how a global semiconductor shortage has affected sales

Loads of data
12 January, 2022
Digital technology makes monitoring the weight and condition of your loads ever easier and ever cheaper. Julian Champkin reports.

Change fuels growth
12 January, 2022
In the Middle East, economic diversification to reduce reliance on oil will provide new opportunities for the lifting industry. Keren Fallwell reports

Decommissioning milestone
12 January, 2022
The decommissioning of the UK’s nuclear power estate continues, with numerous complex handling challenges that need to be performed safely, reliably and accurately.

On the right track
12 January, 2022
Demag partners with one of the largest Czech manufacturers of diesel-electric locomotives and special railway vehicles to install several cranes in its new workshop.

All eyes on the Middle East for Dubai World Expo
12 January, 2022
For the first time in history, the World Expo, an international cultural exhibition (held every five years), is taking place in the Middle East. To combat a global reluctance to travel due to health concerns, organisers are streaming events online until the end of March 2022. The event, originally scheduled for October 2020 in Dubai was postponed due to Covid to October 2021 to March 31, 2022.

Sick Monitoring Box for better machine performance of cranes & hoists
12 January, 2022
Sick has launched The Monitoring Box, that enables plug-and-play condition monitoring and preventative maintenance of sensors, machines, processes and plants with live status feedback and historical analysis, supporting more effective maintenance and optimised efficiency.

The Crosby Group launches HHP Bluetooth App
11 January, 2022
The Crosby Group has launched an updated version of its HHP Bluetooth App for monitoring loads in several additional applications, increasing productivity and safety.

Port of LA applauds $2.3bn Government investment
11 January, 2022
The Port of LA welcomes California Gov. Galvin Newsom’s 2022-23 state budget proposal, known as ‘The California Blueprint’, including a planned record investment of $2.3bn for California ports.