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Buyer's guide to lifting accessories – lifting beams and spreaders
22 December, 2010
Concluding the new series of buyer’s guides, this month Derrick Bailes looks at lifting beams and spreaders. These items are frequently used in combination with many of the items already covered and can add considerably to the armoury of lifting accessories available to the rigger.

Historic Harrington
17 December, 2010
Harrington Hoists has grown from a machine tool business in the 19th century, to a giant in the US hoist market today. How has the company established itself as a market leader?

Flying without wings
24 November, 2010
LTM (Lift-Turn-Move) has supplied forty 1USt LoadGuard hoists to Over The Top Rigging (OTT) for the JLS tour, ‘Outta This World’, across the UK.

LEEA opens doors to training
14 November, 2010
The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, LEEA, has announced new training course, to be offered at a new training centre in Huntingdon, UK.

Street takes the train
10 November, 2010
Street Crane designed a control system for two cranes for a train carriage builder, allowing the cranes to work separately and in tandem, with very precise movements. Will North reports

Lifting magnets
10 November, 2010
Continuing the new series of buyer’s guides, last month I dealt with vacuum lifters, the first of the methods of attaching to the load by adhesion. This month we look at the options presented by magnetic lifters.

CoxGomyl bears load in Paddington
10 November, 2010
At a new development in Paddington Basin, London, CoxGomyl Integral have designed an elegant, hidden, system to support building maintenance units. The Merchant Square development contrasts modern architecture with the canal boats in the Paddington Basin. At the centre of this development is the Carmine building where it is essential that its clean triangular lines are not spoilt by the building maintenance units used externally for cleaning and access. Rather than to simply park the units on the skyline, they are withdrawn from the edge and then dropped behind the façade by a lifting system designed by CoxGomyl Integral of Sheffield. The lifts handle 9 tonnes of the building maintenance unit and its carriage using a complete drive system with screw jacks supplied by Lenze.

The biggest step of all
10 November, 2010
Would the industry, or its customers, really benefit from further consolidation? Phil Bishop explores the issues.

Vacuum lifters
15 October, 2010
This month, Derrick Bailes, technical consultant with the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, continues his lifting accessories buyer’s guide series, focusing on vacuum lifters. Continuing the new series of buyer’s guides, so far I have dealt with lifting accessories which make a direct mechanical connection to the load or rely upon friction to grip the load. Another possibility is to attach by adhesion and there are two methods, vacuum and magnetism. This month we look at the options presented by vacuum lifters.

A lift for China’s high-speed rail
04 September, 2010
German manufacturer Pfaff Silberblau Verkehrstechnik unveiled its underfloor lifting system, capable of lifting over 1000t, at the Innotrains exhibition in Berlin last month.

CERN to replace ageing strategic cranes
04 September, 2010
European nuclear research organization CERN is planning to replace 50 obsolete bridge cranes in its Geneva-based laboratories over the next five years.

Verlinde’s big clean
04 September, 2010

Stage fright
05 August, 2010
Entertainment lifting and rigging suppliers are battling recession, whilst trying to meet the ever increasing demands of their customers. Ruth Ling reports

05 August, 2010
RHC Lifting Limited has completed the commissioning process of one of Europe's most technically advanced crane systems at GKN Aerospace’s new wing composite manufacturing facility in Bristol, UK.

Bridge cranes
05 August, 2010
The idea of using portal cranes for construction work is not new, but Budapest's Margaret Bridge presented a series of challenges, including a curved structure, incline and low load capacity.

Plate clamps
05 August, 2010
As he continues his series of buyer’s guide articles about lifting accessories, Derrick Bailes, technical consultant, Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, offers some expert advice on the use of plate clamps.

Performing operations on a wind turbine
05 August, 2010
A method for performing operations on a wind turbine that involve handling heavy parts has been granted a US Patent.

Crane/hoist repair/maintenance, Arizona, US
04 August, 2010

Two crane inspections, California
01 July, 2010

Gantry stacker with two side-by-side spreaders
30 June, 2010
German firm Noell Mobile Systems is the assignee for a patent where a gantry stacker for transporting and stacking freight containers consists of two chassis beams with steerable wheels, supports, a hoist, an overhead frame, a lifting beam a driver’s cab and engines.