LEEA opens doors to training

14 November 2010

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, LEEA, has announced new training course, to be offered at a new training centre in Huntingdon, UK.

LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) has announced new practical training courses for engineers responsible for the test, examination and maintenance of overhead lifting equipment. The expanded portfolio includes courses designed to prepare trainees for the LEEA’s Diploma examination, as well as specialist training on the maintenance of hoists and electric overhead travelling cranes.

In 2011, the LEEA will introduce three new ‘intensive practical’ courses, covering manual and powered lifting machines, runways and light crane structures, and electric overhead travelling cranes. Each course lasts for five days and is held at the LEEA’s dedicated training facility in Huntingdon, which incorporates a wide range of operational lifting equipment from a variety of manufacturers. Designed to complement the Association’s long-established online and correspondence based learning programme, these courses are for trainees that have already passed the foundation element of the LEEA Diploma (Part 1 Entry Certificate). They conclude with an examination which, if passed, will add to the scope of the qualification.

In addition to training tailored specifically to the requirements of the Diploma, the LEEA is also introducing a new two day course covering basic hoist maintenance, and a four day course designed to introduce trainees to the electrical elements of basic hoist controls. A course dedicated to the maintenance of overhead travelling cranes is also in the pipeline.

Geoff Holden, chief executive of the LEEA, said: “Right across the world, demand for LEEA training is growing fast. These new courses offer engineers a hands-on, fast-track route towards new Diploma qualifications.” He added: “To stay on the right side of the law and ensure that lifting equipment remains fit for purpose, employers should only ever use properly qualified engineers for test, examination and maintenance. We now issue a ‘TEAM’ identity card and log book to all engineers who pass the Diploma and employers should insist it is shown by anyone intending to work on their lifting equipment.”

With the launch of the individual training scheme in 2010, access to the LEEA’s training courses is no longer limited to employees of member companies. Furthermore, the LEEA’s training courses and examinations are CPD (Continuous Professional Development) accredited, providing aspiring lifting equipment engineers with the benefits of a properly structured career path.

Established in 1944, the LEEA has over 400 member companies worldwide and campaigns vigorously for higher standards of safety within the lifting industry. In addition to providing members with training and expert technical advice, the association works closely with organisations such as the Health and Safety Executive in the preparation of regulations and British, European and International standards. Member companies include those involved in the design, manufacture, hire, repair, refurbishment, test, examination, verification and use of lifting equipment. Applicants are subject to an initial technical audit before full membership is granted, and then to a continuing programme of assessments. Further details on the activities of the LEEA and a full list of members can be found at: www.leeaint.com