Gantrex launches 3D scanning Port Crane Solutions

22 June 2022

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Gantrex spoke about its new portfolio of products and services, Port Crane Solutions at TOC Europe in Rotterdam last week, where it will offer 3D scanning, services and repairs for cranes.

The company announced, through its Spanish subsidiary Gantrex Spain, it recently acquired 100% shares of Bravo Silva Consultoría Técnica, also known as ABS Consultor, and has plans to develop its Gantrex 4.0 strategic plan, creating a more intimate customer relation through the addition of mechanical services and digital solutions. 

In recent years both Gantrex and ABS have developed a new global service activity focused on repair and modification of trolley rail systems on container handling cranes and during the last few years Gantrex has launched its HingeGuard Short Rail that extends the soft mounting benefits to trolley rails.

Here to tell us more is Maarten Impens, Group CEO, Gantrex.