Robust and reliable products, constant innovation and patented designs ensure Tiger meets your lifting requirements. We are perfectly positioned to provide best-in-class products to our global customer base.

Our innovation, your safety.

The home of ultimate quality, durable and safe products
Tiger Lifting manufacture and provide the full range of Tiger hoisting and winching products globally, including the Tiger Subsea Lifting range. We have recently introduced pneumatic air hoists to our range and increased our selection of lifting clamps. We also provide high quality height safety hardware products.

We have many close partnerships with successful lifting equipment distributors across the world and as a global innovator and provider we work constantly with customers and key suppliers to continually develop our products and product range.

We aim to set the highest standards in manufacturing, service, product reliability and safety and to provide industry leading value to our customers and supply chain partners.

Our hoisting range includes chain blocks and lever hoists, trolleys, clamps and combination units. We offer a wide range of winches for a variety of applications. Our height safety hardware includes beam anchors, fall arrest block and karabiners. We also offer spark proof, corrosion resistant and bespoke OEM products for special applications.

Global track record and enviable reputation
We have manufactured the Tiger brand of manual lifting products for over 60 years and have a proven track record and an enviable reputation for supplying high quality safe, stable products into a varied cross-section of demanding industries throughout the world.

We employ over 100 people across our distribution centres located in Europe, North America and South East Asia, our manufacturing plant based in Taiwan and our various sales offices in different countries.

Our range includes unique, patented designs and our products meet or exceed all relevant international standards, serving all spheres of global industry.

As the manufacturer of our hoisting and winching products, we hold complete technical files to provide full back-up and reassurance on our products’ performance and to ensure that advice for our equipment is readily available. We have a wealth of technical expertise to give our customers full product support.

A brand to rely on
Robust and reliable are phrases synonymous with Tiger Products. They must be, and are, of the highest quality in order to meet the lifting requirements specified by our customers and to operate effectively in the extremely harsh environmental conditions our clients often place them in.

Innovation and client centric focus
Here at Tiger we take great pride in our innovative and client driven engineering background. With over 60 years of professional manufacturing experience, Tiger’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction mean we will continue to develop our products – and ultimately solutions – for what can be complex scenarios, by communicating and working closely with our customers.

There are many examples of our innovation, improvements and response to client requirements. For example, all gear boxes for Tiger lever hoists have one piece construction pinion gears.

This revolutionary process in gear manufacturing uses drop-forged raw material, precision machined and heat treated with precise ratios between teeth and body providing a more robust and durable design.

The original Brake Hand Winch design was developed by Tiger over 40 years ago. It has certainly stood the test of time, but has also been the focus of recent new development. There is now a dual handle pinion shaft option available on all BHW Brake Hand Winch models, allowing a handle to be fitted on both sides. This has been designed, following customer feedback, for areas with difficult access or situations when the conventional right handed winch handle isn’t suitable.

Bespoke project work
We have the facilities, capacity and motivation to not only customise items from our own product collection, but to also create something completely different working to a client’s own brief.

We often provide bespoke products for special applications, and are committed to meeting the unique needs and expectations of our customers.

3D product drawings
We can provide 3D drawings of our products for project planning.

Expanding range
We continually increase our range to include products our customers ask for. All products we include are of the highest quality. We aim to offer the best possible selection, service, quality and value without compromising our brand and values.

Our products are exceptionally engineered, resilient and hardwearing and our clients’ ability to service and maintain them is a crucial part of their getting best life-time value from them.

As the original manufacturer we only supply original Tiger replacement parts – all designed to our high engineering standards securing optimum performance and lifespan efficiencies.

Our full range of spares is available from stock so we can remain responsive to your requirements.