The 60kg capacity VacuEasylift VM160 from Tawi can now be used in explosive environments.

The lifting system may be used in areas subject to explosion hazards resulting from inflammable gases, mists and vapours (zones 1 and 2) and from inflammable dusts (zones 21 and 22).

Most of the device is made of stainless steel to help reduce the buildup of electrical potential, and plastic and fabric parts were kept small to minimise the buildup of static electricity.

The system does not work well with porous loads such as sacks, but an alternative design for zones 2 and 22 does work well with porous loads.

The Lyftman overhead crane system that carries the vacuum attachment has also been redesigned with special paint and earthing leads to be used in explosive atmospheres.

The Swedish manufacturer redesigned the product to comply with the Group II, category 2 part of the European ATEX regulations, which require the lift assist device to offer high level of protection in areas of ignition hazard, as often as continuously.