Crown Equipment Corporation has unveiled its FC 5200 series of counterbalanced forklift, designed to operators the "strength, stability and maneuverability" required to lift heavy loads in tight aisles and on crowded docks.

The Crown FC 5200 can support load capacities ranging from 4,000 to 6,500 pounds, and is built with a durable frame and power train, which is said to handle the most demanding loads.

The manufacturer’s ‘Intrinsic Stability System’ uses integrated sensors and controllers to constantly monitor and control key forklift functions and movements. This is claimed to enhance stability and safety and give the operator an added level of confidence, while the forklift’s dual drive motors and steering axle geometry enable a smaller turn radius.

This means operators can handle heavy loads in tight spaces without disturbing surrounding pallets and or adding extra wear on the tires.

Tony Young, marketing product manager at Crown Equipment said: "The Crown FC 5200 is designed to reliably tackle some of the most demanding material handling and manufacturing tasks and environments. It is also ideal for forklift attachments, making it even more versatile in handling a variety of loads.

"The forklift’s maneuverability makes it a good solution for dock work, stacking in racks and feeding assembly lines while maintaining a level of operator comfort and confidence that helps keep warehouses and manufacturing facilities running efficiently."

Elsewhere, the company has also introduced the SC 6000 series, a four-wheel forklift that employs a Crown-developed steering axle, which provides a turning radius and maneuverability that rivals threewheel versions.

The machine’s frame is equipped with heavy-duty, steel plates and I-beam mast rails that resist bending and twisting. It also features steel-constructed steer axles and Crown-built drive units and AC motors, which can support load capacities ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 pounds depending on the model.

Elsewhere, Skyjack has launches three new products, a SJIII 4740 DC electric scissor lift, SJ30 ARJE articulating boom with rotating jib and the SJ1056 TH telehandler. The SJIII 4740, which is the tallest DC electric scissor Skyjack has ever produced, features a maximum working height of 13.8m and maximum weight capacity of 500lb.

Malcolm Early vice president of marketing, explained: "We remain committed to being a company that provides simply reliable machines that are easy to operate and maintain. We also take pride in being a company that’s easy to do business with.

"Entering into a new scissor class will help fulfil our objective of becoming a full-line product supplier of all types of aerial work platforms."

The company has also unveiled the SJ30 ARJE, which features a working height of 10.82m and maximum weight capacity of 500lb.

According to Early, booms represent a large part of Skyjack’s overall product portfolio, while the company’s new SJ1056 TH telehandler, Skyjack has "redefined what a 10,000lb class machine is capable of" by leveraging the strength and simplicity of its series design.

While current telehandlers in the 10,000 to 12,000lb range can typically lift a 10,000lb load to a maximum height of about 33ft with outriggers deployed, the SJ1056 TH, can take the same 10,000lb load to 44ft. It features a maximum lift height of 17.1m, maximum forward reach of 12.95m and a ground clearance of 48.3cm.

Magnetek has announced the addition of the Impulse R+ to its high performance series of AC Line regenerative systems. The new Impulse R+ line regenerative unit is an effective solution, according to he manufacturer, to increase the energy efficiency of overhead cranes.

It is available with ratings from 5-400 HP, the Impulse R+ and is pitched as easy to operate and connects to a network, via Ethernet and a PLC, to monitor status in real-time.

It explained: "The unit is simple to install, including in explosion-proof enclosures, and can be easily retrofitted to replace dynamic braking units and resistors on existing controls. Wiring and maintenance generally associated with traditional dynamic braking resistors is eliminated.

"Magnetek’s state-of-the-art AC Line Regenerative units capture surplus regenerative energy from the motor that would normally be expended by resistors and return it to the AC power source, reducing total energy consumption and creating industry leading gains in energy efficiency. Initial investment "payback" can be realized in as little as one year, reducing a company’s energy costs."

Magnetek also offers the Impulse D+, which is pitched as a high-performance active front end regenerative unit in a chassis drive layout with ratings up to 830 HP.

"Magnetek is committed to being the leader in energy saving solutions in the material handling industry," explained Dan Beilfuss, director of sales at Magnetek. "Our highly reliable AC Line Regeneration products offer our customers proven energy savings, lower installation costs, and reduced maintenance time."