Designed and manufactured inhouse in Dorset, in the UK, TriMOD triangular frame can be extended for 6-point lifts and multipoint circular lifts due to its unique shape and is compatiable with Modulift spreader beams to achieve multiple spans. 

The design makes the rigging configuration simpler, easy to assemble and cost effective. Due to the shape, it can be used for circular lifts, in particular when lifting tank roofs and pressure vessels, avoiding uneccessary cascading rigs. 

“We are continually looking for new ideas and developing new products. We recently attended Vertikal Days in Peterborough and brought a TriMOD demo along with us. The feedback we received was phenomenal, everybody loves the product and how unique it is. It was good to see everybody again, especially after a testing 18 months for the lifting industry and for us, it was great to come back to our first event with a brand new product,” said John Baker, commercial director, Modulift. 

Harshal Kulkarni, engineering manager, Modulift added, “Our team have wanted to develop a product which would change the lifting industry and in particular, design and manufacture a product which is suitable for complicated circular lifts. We have seen an increase in enquiries over recent months and we’re proud to be able to offer a solution for our customers.”