The corporation also owns Germany-based Yale Industrial Products, which distributes its own yellow line of hoists and rigging equipment.

There is enough room in the market for CM and Yale, according to Black. “At first there was concern” from Yale about CM’s entry into the European market . “Which is right – they have a good market, and they don’t want it screwed up. Now we communicate so that we don’t bang heads. The truth is that they have opportunities that they cannot take for political reasons. If they are selling to one company, they cannot be seen as selling to another.”

“It is going to compete, but in market segments or in countries that are chosen to be where the Yale brand is not strong,” Black said.

In the USA, the Budgit range includes two ranges of single- and two-speed electric hoists with capacities from 500 lb (225 kg) to 3 US tons (2.7t), three ranges of air-powered hoists covering 500 lb US ton to 7.5 US tons (6.8t), nine ranges of manual chain blocks from 500 lbs to 25 US tons (22.5t), and two ranges of manual lever hoists up to 6 US tons (5.4t).