The train manufacturer’s overhead lifting equipment ranges from goliaths and electric overhead travelling (EOT) cranes to smaller capacity free standing jib cranes.

SCX provide a service package that is tailored specifically to the equipment, with quarterly, six-monthly and annual service and inspections depending on their age and frequency of use.

This package offers Bombardier 24 hour, 7 days per week 365 days per year breakdown response. And as a strategic partnership, “this offers Bombardier the flexibility of being able to rely on SCX for planned repairs and spares, or Bombardier personnel can elect to carry out certain items of work in house, dependent on their resources,” it said.

SCX is due to assist Bombardier with a modernisation strategy where critical items of equipment are identified for each different department. This will enable Bombardier to consider the age and serviceable life of certain items of equipment when reviewing the risk and cost of downtime in each department.

In addition, monthly site-review meetings between Bombardier and SCX provide information on spend per item of equipment to assist in identifying budget requirements.

“All of our customers are able to benefit from Digital Pen Technology, where visit report sheets can be sent through for processing in a matter of minutes,” SCX explained. This ensures that clients are kept right up to date with exactly what is happening with their equipment, meaning any problems or required repairs can be dealt with immediately, ensuring optimum productivity of the site, it added.