Pastor Tapani Selin and Father Kalevi Kasala also blessed the factory.

Managing director of the Finnish Family Firms Association, Matti Vanhanen, said: "The success of Erikkilä today tells a lot also to the Finnish society, what kind of take on things we need. In the division of labour small countries and their companies must find their own place and must usually focus on a very small sector of knowhow and strive to be on top.

"This is only possible with long-term cooperation of family company owners, employees and business partners. This has succeeded at Erikkilä and has brought results."

Managing Director of the company Mikko Erikkilä spoke about the how family companies pass through the hands of many generations and show a high level of commitment. He said corporate decisions must take into account the future generations.

Erikkilä said, "The future of the next 100 years is possible only if we now act as our predecessors had thoughtfully with long- term activity in mind".

Erikkilä said the future plans of the company lie outside the area of Europe: "The activities of Erikkilä oy reaching areas outside of Europe is only one example of short-term objective", said managing director Mikko Erikkilä.