According to the manufacturer, these new systems are options to enhance the performance of overhead material handling systems by preventing crane-to-crane or crane-to-end-stop collisions.

Aaron Kureck director of product development and aftermarket services at Magnetek, said: "Our collision avoidance system options include an array of functionalities, sizes, and price points to complement the range of innovative power control and delivery systems and solutions we offer for the material handling industry.

"When investing in overhead cranes, it is not worth risking even one collision."

Magnetek’s ReFlx 45 is pitched as a "cost-effective solution" that is claimed to be ideal for a single stop event with one contact point.

The system’s electronic components are built into IP67-rated housing, which enables straightforward installation on overhead material handling applications.

The ReFlx 45 has a detection range of between three and 45 feet while the system features a sensor, 2×2 foot reflector, and also a sensor bracket. Its LED power and range indicator lights is said to allow for easy set-up and troubleshooting with optional DIN rail for mounting simplifies retrofit installations in harsh environments.

Magnetek’s other new addition to the range, its LaserGuard2, is claimed to be the most "technologically advanced system" available, armed with ability to detect between eight inches and up to 150 feet.

The system employs self-monitoring optical lasers to check a crane’s position and its multi-distance detection feature is said to be flexible enough to manage crane-to-crane and crane-to-wall operation.

The LaserGuard2 also includes a laser support unit, 2×2 foot reflector, laser, mounting bracket, and sensor cable while push-button programming also makes the LaserGuard2 easy to use, adds Magnetek.

Late last year the manufacturer sealed a $1m-plus order to modernise the controls on four 300-ton power plant cranes for the Hoover Dam.

The company is partnering with Nevada-based Precision Crane & Hoist Services on the project with Magnetek controls set for installation on each of the four cranes over a seven-month period, concluding this summer.

Magnetek will retrofit aging AC static crane controls with its own technology that includes adjustable frequency drive panels and radio remote controls.

In addition, Magnetek is providing "complete control systems engineering and integration" in order to meet the specifications of the Bureau of Reclamation, which is the operator of the Hoover Dam.

"The Hoover Dam has two power plant wings, one located in Nevada and one located in Arizona. Each power plant wing is 650 feet long and rises nearly 300 feet above the foundation of the power plant," said Magnetek.