According to Ravioli, the new range provides high product versatility, thanks to a trasmitter available with either nine or 13 push-buttons and a receiver in standard or two-way versions (type SOFTPlus).

The range has a shock-proof transmitter, double-step contacts for command settings – and comes with stick-on labels carrying standard symbols or plain spaces which can be personalised according to the user’s needs.

A 48 bit identifying code key feature is also present, assuring, according to Ravioli, a one-way communication system operating between the transmitter and its receiver.

The range offers immediate feedback from the radio command machine – such as weight, distance, working conditions, and errors. Such information can easily be shown on an LCD display with 24 alpha-numeric characters (optional feature provided on the SOFTPlus version).

A water-tight receiver comes with a handle which can also be wall-mounted, allowing a quick removal after use without any need for tools. Although the units are small, the receiver is provided with a removable terminal board.

After-sales service is assured by service staff, directly trained by Ravioli, who, it claims, periodically attend technical refresher courses.

Radio remote controls type SOFT and SOFTPlus are guaranteed under Ravioli’s CE certificate of conformity, in which it states: “The products have been manufactured by Ravioli in accordance with specific and recognised internal safety standards quality, certificated ISO 9001-2000.”