The company already offers two designs, depending on the type of traffic and the protection needed with the TrenchLok and the TrenchLok HD. 

The solution is available with or without cable anchor and the cable protection system can be installed by its in-house installation team on a concrete trench or with a cable channel made of U-shaped anti-corrosion steel that can have different sizes.

In addition, the cable trench cover is available in three widths to meet the needs of any project.

Now Gantrex has added a new width : TrenchLok 595 and TrenchLok 595 HD to the range.

This new solution has already been chosen in different projects in Turkey and in the USA to protect the crane’s power cables from damage and any problems caused by passing vehicles, but also to protect the trench from debris, and extreme weather conditions, while eliminating tripping hazards for pedestrians on site.