The first phase of the project consisted of 42 shuttle carriers between 2016 and 2020. As a next step in the collaboration, APM Terminals has selected Kalmar to deliver 23 additional units – manually-driven, semi-automated hybrid shuttle carriers.

The latest batch of shuttles are in support of APM Terminals’ expansion of its newest facility TM2 in Tangiers, Morocco. These units to be delivered will be integrated into the Terminal Operation System via KalmarOne software, complemented by professional services, maintenance and support.

“We are pleased with our partnership with Kalmar in developing this significant infrastructure and operational change at TM2. Together, we have introduced a fleet of semi-automated equipment that will ensure high productivity in a sustainable manner as part of our terminal modernisation initiatives. Kalmar’s hybrid AutoStrad solution will help us reduce CO2 emissions,” said Jack Craig, VP, global Hhad of operations, APM Terminals.

In addition, as has been planned since 2019, APM Terminals has also completed an order for 62 Kalmar Hybrid AutoStrads for its Los Angeles facility. This eco-efficient, horizontal transportation solution operating between the vessels and truck lanes has removed significant safety risks and driven faster gate turntimes for the local customers during a period of unprecedented volumes in the port.

 “We are proud of our continued collaboration with the APM Terminals in Tangier. The solution combines our industry-leading hybrid technology helping to reduce CO2 emissions.”  said Antti Kaunonen, president, Kalmar Automation Solutions.

Combined, these investments represent a continuation of APM Terminals’ cooperation with Kalmar to bring efficient terminal solutions to critical pieces of the global supply chain.