It said Smartorque combines a high-efficiency variable speed drive and solid-state circuitry to boost the efficiency and lifecycle value of existing and new installations.

Smartorque is a self-regulating AC drive system with controlled torque for precise load control and positioning. Smooth starts and stops reduce shock effects on valuable loads and prevent unnecessary wear on crane gearing, bearings, wheels, drive train and rails, Morris said.

The control limits high inrush currents during start-up, lowering the demand on the motor and reducing power consumption. A shielded power control section eliminates radio interference. Dynamic breaking reduces brake wear, with optional regeneration of dynamic braking energy to further improve the efficiency of the drive system.

Morris said safety is another aspect the Smartorque technology looks to improve, with free falling loads, vibration and power regeneration associated with control tackled to enhance the safety of crane operations. Furthermore, the control is equipped with patented self-monitoring systems to mitigate the chances of accidents while lifting, transporting and spotting loads.

The deviation detection circuitry and software system monitors all movements to prevent load free fall, and the torque proving circuitry ensures sufficient torque is available to lift the load before releasing the brake. An off-position safety circuit prevents the control from restarting after a power interruption, protecting against unexpected movements.

A built-in diagnostics system displays faults for troubleshooting and minimised downtime.

Options available include a user keypad for easier programming and improved diagnostics, an on-board or remote-mounted control panel, ExpressSpeed? for moving light loads faster, mechanical overload protection, Swinguard load sway control, simulated plugging, line reactors, single-motion or common bussed regeneration modules and input/output filter systems.