Konecranes designed the carrier for compatibility with ship-to-shore cranes and automated yard cranes, and to handle containers that are delivered via automated systems or using trucks, trailers or custom gantry cranes. It was built to target businesses of different sizes.

Manufacturing of the Boxrunner incorporated previous designs of rope and drum hoist from Konecranes line of rubber-tired and rail-mounted gantry cranes.

The unit can function as a 50t twin lift machine and as a 40t single lift. It reaches 30kph with a 25m per minute hoist speed. The 4-axle, four cylinder steering system can drive straight and is designed to decrease wear to tires.

It was designed to require infrequent maintenance, no grease and fewer parts to obviate the need for additional container handling and transport equipment. This could be attractive to smaller operations where space is in short supply, Konecranes says.

Jens Andreas, general manager at Konecranes Straddle Carriers said: “We listened to our container handling customers and incorporated their feedback resulting in the launch of this special machine, the Boxrunner, a uniquely advanced straddle carrier, It provides the industry’s highest lifecycle value in the role it was designed for.”

Konecranes has built the carrier for quick handling capability with a wide variety of containers, ensuring compatibility with all ISO container sizes. It can stack these two-high.

The Boxrunner will be available for international delivery in the first quarter of this year, and can be offered with servicing package.