Coffing (booth 3208), a CM brand, will show its JLC-V models, which now feature a variable frequency drive, at NA08, which will take place at the I-X Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, from April 21-24. The compact size of the drive unit allows neat and complete placement under the cover of the hoist.  “Combine this new JLC-V option with the renowned Coffing design features of a five-pocket load sheave, multiple-disc motor brake and overload clutch and you have the best performance value in the marketplace today,” it said. The Coffing variable frequency drive (VFD) allows for unsurpassed load-spotting and inching capability.  The VFD offers additional speed flexibility that standard 2-speed motors cannot offer.  The soft starting and stopping of the unit is perfect for delicate applications and reduces the daily wear and tear on the hoist, it said. The JLC-V models are rated for loads from 1/8 to 2 US tons, and are capable of lifting speeds of 8 to 32 feet per minute depending on the capacity.  Standard lifts of 10, 15, and 20ft with other lifts are available.  Standard push-button drop is 4-feet less than lift.The Coffing JLC-V drives feature a closed loop system, which monitors the load hook’s direction and speed.  Additional components monitor motor amperage to provide consistent and reliable operation.  In addition, in-field, instant programming allows speeds from infinitely variable (12:1 speed ratio) to any intermediate, predetermined speed range. The standard 2-step buttons allow the operator to increase and maintain the lifting or lowering speeds.  The optional 3-step buttons allow the operator to increase, maintain, or decrease the lifting or lowering speeds without interruption. The JLC-V can be mounted with rigid or swivel top hook, lug, plain, geared, and motorised trolley.  In addition, the variable frequency drives can also be externally mounted to motorised trolley units. The JLC-V features a lifetime warranty with a durable construction and compliance with ASME/ANSI B30.16.