What next for China?

23 February 2009

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It's one of the most fascinating markets in the world. And he's one of the biggest characters in it. Liqun Xiao, managing director, China Heavy Machinery Industry Association (CHMIA), returns to the editorial pages of Hoist in March.

If China influences your business - and, let's face it, it probably does - you need to read his latest article.

In the first half of 2008, China's crane industry reached the highest point in history. With the impact of the international financial crisis, the turning point was the third quarter. According to the statistics released by China Heavy Machinery Industry Association on January 24 2009, nine main member companies produced 69,374 wire rope hoists in 2008, with a decrease of 0.3%; 17 main member companies produced 24,853 overhead travelling crane units, up by 9.7%; and 9 main member companies produced 287 gantry crane units, up 43.5%.

However, some crane managers say that their remaining orders can keep manufacturing going only to the second quarter of this year. The trouble most crane companies are facing now is the shortage of new orders and the uncertainty of some remaining orders, which means crane companies are not sure when customers need these cranes, if at all.

Read more about this, what's being done about it and what's in store for the future, only in the March issue.

Richard Howes, Editor

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