Tried and tested?

24 September 2014

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In a year characterised by innovation and product development, as evidenced by a packed tradeshow calendar, it’s somewhat fi tting that a signifi cant number of key manufacturers in this industry are celebrating important anniversaries in 2014.

Among these is Vetter Krantechnik, which is celebrating its 125th year in business. The Haiger, Germany-based hoist and crane manufacturer explains that regular investment in research and development has been integral to the company's ongoing success.

Elsewhere, Gunnebo Industries has reached an impressive 250th year as a company and is also opening a new manufacturing facility in Växjö, Sweden. The brand new unit consolidates all of the company's manufacturing processes such as forging, heat treatment, machining and assembly, under a single roof.

Another, lifting equipment manufacturer, Hadef, has thanked its "business partners and friends" after celebrating its 110th year in business. "Reliability and the strive for high customer satisfaction gave the company an excellent reputation as reliable industrial partner," the company explains.

In this issue we put the spotlight on KULI Hebezeuge - Helmut Kempkes, the German family-owned crane and component manufacturer is enjoying a successful 2014. In this issue, we speak to Oliver Riese, export manager at KULI about the opportunities and challenges the business faces in 2014 and beyond.

"The company is selling its products and services very successful all over the world. Starting from Germany, which is traditionally our largest single market, the company has a signifi cant export ratio these days," says Riese.

Elsewhere, the US construction industry has been undergoing something of a expansionary phase since early 2011 following a succession of 'Annus horribilis' in the preceding three years.

However, in her fi rst speech at the annual gathering of global central bankers, Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen said that although progress had been made, the long-term impact of the recession can still be felt. We look at some key projects taking place across North America and the role the material handling sector plays.

This month we also analyse the performance of the Chinese automotive sector and how technology from companies such as Stahl CraneSystems and Kito are integral to the vehicle production process.

Recent fi gures indicate that global automobile production is expected to increase by 21 million units by 2021, a number that has grown by 25 million units since 2009. China is expected to dominate in this fi eld, making the role material handling manufacturers play in plants and factories, all the more important.