Hoist will continue to focus on the latest innovations, product launches and applications but in 2015, the title will also place a particular emphasis on the importance of training and safety in the industry.

Improving a product’s safety measures is often key to any upgrade or update and with training high on many company’s agendas, it is essential that magazines such as Hoist keep such issues in the spotlight.

A safe working environment is arguably the most essential star ting point for any business in construction. Adhering to the latest health and safety guidelines while operating with a well-trained workforce is the ideal star ting point for successful business practices.

However, getting the younger generation into training for careers in heavy industry such as manufacturing, printing or heavy lifting has been an ongoing issue for a large number of countries for many years. It’s no surprise then that manufacturers take the issue of training, both before, and on, the job, incredibly seriously.

Without the next generation being trained up, the longstanding spectre of an ageing workforce looms large. We look at some of the most recent measures being adopted.

Elsewhere, we analyse the integral roles companies such as MHE-Demag and automation specialists have played in the construction of the new 55,000 capacity Singapore Sports Hub stadium located in Kallang.

A building three years in the making has retractable seating capability, which makes it the only stadium in the world capable of hosting a multitude of events such as rugby, cricket, football, athletics and concerts.

We also look at radio remote controls, which are an integral component of the material lifting sector and remain one of the unsung heroes of the material handling world, particularly in the field of overhead factory cranes.

To the naked eye, the technology is moving in evolutionary steps, rather than evolutionary, but even the most minor upgrade to technology in this field can catalyse a significant improvement when it comes to an end-user’s operational productivity.

We also focus on the impressive role crane specialists Erikkila played when automation firm Metso Automation made the decision to move the production and administrative functions of its industrial valves division.

Tim Sheahan, Deputy Editor