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Lifting beam, Michigan, US
30 December, 2007

Hoists, New Hampshire, US
28 December, 2007

Hoist modification, Georgia, US
27 December, 2007

Hoists and slings, Georgia, US
24 December, 2007

Refurbish RMGs, Gothenburg, Sweden
23 December, 2007

Inspection, cranes and hoists, Utah, US
21 December, 2007

Travelling cranes, Paris, France
20 December, 2007

Bridge crane, Cincinnati, US
19 December, 2007

Contract award, container crane, Germany
12 December, 2007

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10 December, 2007

Latest business opportunities
03 December, 2007

Hoist, New Jersey, US
02 December, 2007

Inspection and repair, cranes, Utah, US
27 November, 2007

Miracle workers
21 November, 2007
Installing lifting equipment in existing, and sometimes operational, factories is one of the biggest challenges for crane builders and manufacturers alike. Richard Howes finds out how they do it.

Kalmar relaunches RTG
21 November, 2007
Kalmar has relaunched its all-electric rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) crane.

Remotes debate rages on
21 November, 2007
As new competitors join the remote control market, the need to promote the compliance of safety standards is becoming crucial for the sector, says José Ramón Elustondo, remote control product manager, IKUSI.

LEEA chief celebrates 50th column
21 November, 2007
After more than six years of insightful, thought-provoking articles, Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) chief executive Derrick Bailes penned his 50th column for Hoist magazine this month. Here, he speaks to editor Richard Howes about the association's unique relationship with the publication, the state of the market, and looks forward to the next 50 columns.

Failsafe remotes
21 November, 2007
Previous articles in this series have looked at various aspects of safety remote controls, including techniques used in protecting the communication medium from errors. Here, Antonio Silvestri, product development manager at Italian remote control firm Autec, discusses the remote controller itself, and how it can be protected against faults.

Container loading and unloading system
21 November, 2007
Rail Cargo Austria, formerly a group undertaking of ÖBB-Güteverkehr, the Austrian state railway, but an independent Company since 2005, has been awarded a US patent for a method of loading and unloading containers, especially with regards to long-distance transport systems.

Lifting beams and spreaders
21 November, 2007
This article is the last in the current series and deals with lifting beams and spreaders.