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System and method for measuring a horizontal deviation of a load receiving element - full text
16 December, 2005
Here is the complete text of Gunther Lukas's patent of a system to detect horizontal movement in a spreader beam to reduce sway

Bucket gantry crane refurbishment for the Port of Le Havre, France
12 December, 2005

NASA calls for design engineers for space programme, USA
12 December, 2005

DSD Hilgers wins Deutsche Bahn
12 December, 2005

Aircraft hoists, USA
08 December, 2005

Five hoist hooks, Alberta
08 December, 2005

Conveyor belt loading machine, France
05 December, 2005

Lifting equipment for Toulon naval base, France
30 November, 2005

Portable floor gantries, Canada
29 November, 2005

Polar bridge crane, France
24 November, 2005

Hoist cables and counterweight, France
24 November, 2005

A hard job made software
23 November, 2005
Software claims to be able to help small firms manage their maintenance work contracts. Will Dalrymple looks at the options

Aircraft hoist, USA
23 November, 2005

Ekokem PL4 energy plant waste handling grab crane, Finland
23 November, 2005

Maintenance cranes, France
23 November, 2005

Maersk calls for suppliers, Denmark
23 November, 2005

The weight of visible evidence
22 November, 2005
Derrick Bailes discusses when common sense wins out over calculations in the case of crane gantry alignment

The new way
22 November, 2005
European standards body CEN TC 147 has issued a crane standard that has a different view of crane fatigue than the previous FEM standards. Ilkka Riikonen explains how EN 13001 differs from what came before and how it will be used in future.

The woman's touch
22 November, 2005

Uplifting experiences
21 November, 2005
The USeconomy has turned a corner, andthe country’s crane rental market is at lastenjoying a period of sustained growth