Maintenance cranes, France

23 November 2005

The services will include: studies, supply, assembly, tests and start-up of two travelling beams for the maintenance of the tubes of the furnaces boilers (unit capacity of lifting of 5t); studies, supply, assembly, tests and start-up of one travelling beam equipped with two independent carriages for maintenance of the pumping station equipment (capacity of lifting of 3.5t); other studies, supply, assembly, tests and started carriages carries hoists and hoists of maintenance.

The tender will be allotted to the candidate presenting the most advantageous offer economically appreciated according to the criteria given below with their weighting: technical merits of the offer (650 points); capital cost (350 points).

Deadline: 5 December 2005.

Contact: SYCTOM, 57, boulevard Sébastopol, to the attention of Monsieur le Président du Syctom, F-75001 Paris. Tél. 1 40 13 17 00. E-mail: [email protected] Fax 1 45 08 54 77.

Application language: French.