The new designs introduce innovations that are protected by 15 patents, such as the use of ultra-resistant synthetic ropes instead of traditional steel ropes.

There are three models in the range: the VF3 for loads up to 3,200kg, the VF5 for loads up to 6,300kg, and the VF10, for loads up to 20,000kg.

Travelling speeds can vary from 5m/min to 20m/min, and the hoists meet the EN 13001-1 classification.

The Eurobloc VF hoists use Dyneema ropes, which are made from a polyethylene fibre claimed to up to 15 times stronger than steel and 85% lighter. It boasts high-energy absorption capacity, very low elongation and is resistant to abrasion, humidity, UV rays and chemicals. IT offers a wide operating temperature range: from -10°C/40°C.

The ropes are available in diameters of 7mm (VF3), 8.5mm (VF5) and 12mm (VF10) with a 12-strand anti- rotation weave. The structure of the synthetic rope is said to be stable over time and have a longer service life than steel.

Unlike steel, Synthetic rope is suitable for many configurations without the need for special rope variants, said Verlinde

There is also no need to lubricate synthetic fibre, so it does not require special maintenance or cleaning, and the fibre does not attract or collect dust, preventing, for example, an issue such as when steel particles fall under the lifting unit.

Functions include Hook Centring, which reduces the risk of side pulls and load sways during lifting; in combination with the Follow Me assistance function it helps to centre the hoist/hook above the load. The Snag Prevention function reduces the risk of snagging and pulling the load at an angle, and the hoist is stopped if the hook or the load remains blocked during horizontal movement.

The above functions optimise the life of the hoist components, facilitate their use, and maximise the duration of the operating cycles.

Finally, the Inching Mode in lifting and Anti-Sway functions allow for a more precise movement of the load and increased safety in use.

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