Verlinde expands its Eurochain VX range

9 November 2021

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Verlinde has expanded its Eurochain VX range with Eurochain VX-SM, a new single-speed variation which offers the essential lifting equipment for electric chain hoists with loads of from 125 to 2000 kg

The VX-S hoist offers functions similar to the Eurochain VX range but with new lifting speed advantages: design, robustness and safety for lifting.

Verlinde's Eurochain VX electric hoists are delivered with various devices as standard including an UP/Down electrical safety limit switch, IP55 single speed hoisting and travelling motor protection, two buttons pendant on hook suspended hoist or with manual trolley or four buttons pendant for hoist with electric trolley.

Also offered as standard, a new suspender compatible with existing trolleys was designed to facilitate hoist installation. The reduction of "C" dimensions optimizes the height of lift, proposed as standard from 3m. For more precision, electric trucks are fitted as standard with a speed variation of from 5 to 20m/ min.

Various options complete this standard equipment, including in particular 90° rotation of the suspension along with folding, fixed or automatic top hooks.

For travel, two speeds of 20 and 5m/min together with a slow variable speed of 3 to 10m/min are proposed.

The dimensions of the lifting unit have been reduced to enable improved approach data of hook. The new chain bucket design has led to an innovative assembly in two parts that increases the hoist's toughness and safety.

The travel limit switch is now tougher for operating in difficult environments. The hoist brake, too, has been optimized. In addition to increased safety for the user, these elements do not require any adjustment and are low maintenance.

Many internal developments of the hoist motor have been achieved. Its operational characteristics now go further than those required by market standards. It is even more reliable and its lifespan has been lengthened. The flow of cooling air for the motor has been improved and overheat sensors are fitted as standard.

The gear box is now more powerful: its operability has been optimized with a wider range of ratios to align it with a greater scope of customer applications and improved productivity. Torque limiter settings are now more precise in order to offer greater security to the structure of buildings in the event of excess weight.