Part of the EuroChain VX range, the EuroChain VX Vario is capable of carrying loads weighing between125kg and 2,500kg.

According to Verlinde, the product’s continuous speed control provides smooth starts, quick accelerations and smoother stops, which reduces the number and level of shocks to bridge, jib or structural components and increases the life of such structures. In addition, continuous speed control allows the electric brake to be used first during deceleration before the mechanical brake is applied. Using the mechanical brake only as a holding brake, or parking brake, increases its service life.

Minimum speeds for the EuroChain VX Vario line-up range from of 0.15m/min to 0.65m/min, depending on the version, with lighter loads able to be lifted up to twice as fast as heavier loads.

The hoist incorporates an electronic load sensor to prevent overloading and offers slippage control with a torque limiter. It is also equipped with a 50% active damping system to mitigate against the ‘polygon effect’.

Verlinde is a French manufacturer and exporter of lifting and handling equipment.

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Verlinde expands its Eurochain VX range