Verlinde updates Tirlift winches

17 January 2019

Verlinde has introduced its Tirlift 2 family of powered winches, formed by combining new options with its Tirlift range.

The widened range of winches are suitable for a range of applications, says the company. They are designed for pulling or lifting loads from 125–1,500kg—covering duty class to F.E.M standards 1Am, 1Bm, and 2m—compared to the 990kg maximum capacity of the previous range.

The Tirlift 2 range if enhanced by a gear system incorporating three sets of planet wheels, and rectified and hardened precision-cut helical teeth, which provides almost silent operation, and life-long lubrication using semi-fluid grease. Impermeability is ensured by O-rings and a lip seal at the shaft end, says Verlinde.

The new range, which comprises 15 new models, is also available with variable speed drive and offers improved flexibility, precision and safety, adds the manufacturer.