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Casar supplies new ropes for shipyard Goliath
12 April, 2018 Casar has supplied replacement ropes for a Goliath crane operating at the Odense Steel Shipyard in Denmark.
  • Konecranes for plastic packaging machine maker
    ASB International, a manufacturer of production machinery for PET containers, has equipped its export-focused plant near Mumbai, India with some of Konecranes’ most advanced lifting technologies, with a view to improving quality, safety and cost-efficiency of operations.


Magnetic attraction
15 March, 2018 Czech Republic-based Axima manufactures a range of power systems for heavy lifting electromagnets.
  • Get a grip
    Automatic hook innovator Elebia has introduced the 5t-capacity C5 automatic lifting clamp, designed to work in pairs or multiple pairs to lift loads such as steel plates.
  • Regional Differences
    Lifting equipment market conditions in Latin America rely on the local political climate, which affects commodities and projects. Paola De Pascali reports
  • Decom boom
    Political and financial reasons put some new projects on hold but the nuclear business is still alive thanks to the prosperous decommissioning market. Paola De Pascali reports.
  • Good as new
    Engineer Marcel Koenen of Brunssum, the Netherlands, has salvaged and restored a hoist from a demolished canal lock, and installed the machinery in his garden.


Ready for the first industry catchups of 2018
15 March, 2018 The evenings are still dark, the weather is still cold and wet, and the shops don’t know whether to stock Valentine’s Day cards, ready-mix pancake batter, or Easter eggs. It must be springtime.
  • Setting out our plans for the new year
    Firstly, welcome back, for those of you who had a winter break. If you’re back in the office after celebrating Christmas and the New Year then you may well be reading this at your desk while trying to remember your computer password, or the door code, or which company it is you work for. It won’t take long for us all to be back into routine and back up to speed, though, and here at Hoist we’ll be getting straight back into our usual routine of visiting the industry around the world and reporting back.
  • Steady growth is the responsible way forward
    You may remember that when last month’s comment was written, I’d just returned from a week in the west of Germany, visiting various manufacturers and designers of hoists and other lifting gear.