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HBC-Radiomatic complete Kentucky expansion
04 October, 2019 Remote control manufacturer HBC-Radiomatic has completed the expansion of its facility at Hebron, Kentucky, adding an extra 13,000sq ft of floor space.
  • Terminal cranes upgraded in Morocco
    Kalmar, part of Cargotec, will upgrade the capabilities of four ZPMC ship-to-shore cranes in Morocco, on behalf of customer Eurogate Tanger.
  • Lifting device for US particle accelerator lab
    The Caldwell Group has manufactured a customised lifting device for use at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Batavia, Illinois. The project was awarded to Caldwell distributor John Sakash Copmany, also based in Illinois.


Steely resolve
22 November, 2019 The Central-Eastern European markets remain solid despite industrial slowdown. Jaroslaw Adamowski reports from Warsaw.
  • Keep on running
    Maintenance is an essential for safe operation of hoists. Julian Champkin looks at requirements and methods.
  • Best of both Hoists
    A new hoist, and custom systems, are boosting LTM’s cleanroom business.
  • Lifting Silicon chips
    Mennens and Elma are supplying highly precise cleanroom cranes that will be used in the development of a new generation of silicon chips. Daniel Searle reports
  • Heavy metal
    A 41m crane installed at a UK steel plant is due to be joined shortly by the largest-capacity crane ever made by manufacturer Jaso Industrial Cranes.


In the dock: time to focus more on port cranes
24 October, 2019 As you read through this issue of Hoist, you may notice a more maritime theme than usual.
  • Don’t look now: why print can still beat digital words
    When was the last time you actually finished reading an article on your phone? I don’t mean a short news piece about a politician with strange hair, or the World Cup (cricket or women’s soccer; your choice), or what one celebrity said about another celebrity—I mean a long, detailed article that takes more than a few moments to read, and which gives proper insight into a topic.
  • It’s exam time - but what happens after that?
    It’s June, and that means a whole host of annual events and traditions will be taking place. Keeping up online with endless sporting competitions, such as the Cricket World Cup, the Women’s Football World Cup, and the Wimbledon tennis tournament, will all distract many a lesser editor from doing their job. It’s officially the start of the British summer, so it’s rained here for about nine consecutive days and I’ve got a cold. And for those at school and aged 16 or 18, the end of the academic year brings the promise of an early summer holiday — although only after exams have been negotiated.