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Kristian supplies two electric chain hoists to Meatless Farm
16 April, 2021 Kristian has partnered with Lovingly Made Ingredients, (a subsidiary of Meatless Farm, in the UK) to install two 1500kg Coffing JLC electric chain hoists, with 15’ of lift, to the existing frame above the hoppers, to its processing facility in Stonegate Industrial Park, Calgary.
  • Karen Norheim announced as the new president of CMAA
    Karen Norheim, president and COO of American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO) in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, has been announced as the new president of CMAA, the Crane Manufacturing Association of America.


Getting to grips
31 March, 2021 Demand for speed & safety in critical lifting equipment is on the rise and while some projects have been put on hold due to coronavirus, the renewables sector is growing. Jenny Eagle investigates
  • Southern Comfort
    The market for hoists and factory cranes in Southern Europe is by no means as dire as some, in light of the pandemic, might have been led to believe. Julian Champkin finds optimism amongst its peers.
  • Gone fission
    The nuclear sector is seeing steady activity in maintenance and decommissioning projects, as conflict between public sentiment and energy needs make nuclear power a “necessary evil”. Mike Straus reports.
  • From Russia with Love
    Despite the Covid-19 pandemic the industry is continuing to make investments, building new plants, upgrading existing cranes, seeing a rise in electric car sales and foreign companies expanding in Russia
  • Raising a storm
    2020 was a year like no other. The pandemic and the prospect of Brexit between them made it a year to remember, though perhaps not for the right reasons. Julian Champkin looks at how the UK lifting market weathered the storm and how it is looking forward to 2021.


Play your role in the fight against climate change
12 April, 2021 Siemens Smart Infrastructure plans to transform its global headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, into a carbon neutral location by 2023. It will renovate an existing building from May 2021 onwards and has earmarked about €63m (CHF 70 million) for the refurbishment.
  • New beginnings to bring in the new year
    While I know it’s a cliche to suggest that the beginning of a new year will bring about changes, it seems that this year that old chestnut will actually prove correct.
  • Archives a great resource for all but predictions
    One of the ways in which Hoist can be read is not just on a monthly basis, when your issue reaches your physical mailbox or electronic mailbox, but also as part of an ever-increasing archive of industry insight.
  • Adapting the usual schedule to the new normal
    I’ve worked on industry magazines for more than a decade and half now, and you get used to the various cycles that dictate what needs to be done at any given point in the month or year.