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Street CraneXpress offering crane surveying in UK
20 June, 2017 Street CraneXpress (SCX) has begun working with Crane Rail Surveys to offer a range of diagnostic services to its UK customers.
  • Crossing the continent
    South Africa’s Stahl Cranes & Hoists has completed the construction and installation of a two-beam bridge crane in Ghana, more than 10,000km away.
  • Sparrows Group secures largest ever non-energy contract
    Sparrows Group has secured its largest ever contract outside the energy industry to provide inspection services across all 17 of CertainTeed’s US gypsum plants in a move hailed as ‘a major step forward in the company’s diversification’.


Laser guided
29 May, 2017 Paola De Pascali talked with global sensors manufacturers about the latest anti-collision systems, which are becoming more relevant now as the safety of personnel and equipment is increasing all over the world.
  • Lifting at your Leisure
    Demand for hoists and rigging equipment in the entertainment and hospitality sectors is buoyant. Sally Spencer reports
  • Mammoet moves 1,200t bunker using gantry on SPMTS
    Mammoet used a gantry placed on SPMTs to move the first of three concrete bunkers by the Lek Channel near Vreeswijk, the Netherlands. The project was commissioned by Sas van Vreeswijk and Rijkswaterstaat.
  • On the right track
    Identifying and keeping track of lifting equipment is crucial in order to conduct and record the many inspection protocols that are required by law. Sally Spencer reports
  • Full beam
    An Indonesian manufacturer of pre-stressed concrete beams has installed 16 CXT overhead cranes from Konecranes to optimise production at its plant in Surabaya.


  • Steady growth the benchmark in interesting times
    Iwas in Chicago last month, for the ProMat exhibition. It was my first time in the city, and certainly for the first half of the week its soubriquet of The Windy City proved accurate, with the path around the edge of Lake Michigan being temporarily closed due to large waves charging in—one person I spoke to claimed there would be 22ft waves, although from what I saw this may have been width rather than height.
  • Renting can make life easier and more efficient
    As a recent housebuyer, I’ve become very aware of two things—firstly, the fact that a small flat in the south of England will cost you more than the three-bedroom semi-detached house your friend bought in the north-west, and secondly, there are advantages to both buying and renting a property.
  • Nuclear shows how specialised hoists can be
    Of all the sectors than employ hoists and overhead lifting equipment – and they are very many and varied – the nuclear power sector must be one of the most exacting in terms of the requirements demanded of the handling and transport kit used.
  • Spread the word in a few minutes
    Over the last few weeks, I’ve been contacting suppliers in the overhead lifting industry who are planning to exhibit at the forthcoming ProMat show, which will take place in Chicago over the first week of April.