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Street delivers Goliath project at Port of Blyth
18 October, 2016 Street Crane is helping Port of Blyth to enhance its fabrication services with a new Goliath crane.
  • Qatar orders for DGCrane
    DGCrane, based in Henan Province, China, is getting ready to ship two sets of 30t cranes together with two sets of 16t gantry cranes to Qatar before December.


Inside and out
05 October, 2016 Mobile gantry cranes bridge the gaps between factory, yard, and construction site. Bernadette Ballantyne looks at the potential of this technology.
  • Knowledge is power
    Straightpoint has developed a range of testing and inspection tools for 40 years. Recent jobs and applications demonstrate the wide range of applications for their expertise.
  • Imperial Measure
    A Demag laser measuring system was used to survey crane runways for four steel coil cranes at Imperial Logistics, ahead of their refurbishment by Kranservice Rheinberg.
  • Ghana Load Test
    Lloyds British Ghana supplied testing equipment for Orsam Engineering, as they installed and tested an overhead crane for their new workshop
  • Technology Transplant
    Whiting has transplanted advanced material handling technology into the 200t crane at the Tulsa port of Catoosa.


Measure for Measure
03 October, 2016 In this month’s Hoist our focus is on inspection and testing. We have three articles that look at how testing equipment and inspection services are vital to crane selection, installation, and operation.
  • Uncertain forecasts
    It’s a typically unreliable summer here in London: last week we needed the heating on, yesterday there was torrential rain in the morning and bright sunshine in the evening. It’s the sort of summer where whatever clothes you put on in the morning, you’ll be cursing your choice by the afternoon; it’s almost a relief when the long grey drizzling British winter comes and you at least know to dress for another cold wet day.


23 Nov 2016 - 24 Nov 2016