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African port order for Liebherr
15 May, 2020 Liebherr Container Cranes has signed a contract to supply DP World Berbera with eight rubber-tyred gantry cranes, for DP World’s terminal in Berbera, Somaliland.
  • Port operator growth supported by Konecranes
    Turkish container terminal and port operator Yilport Holding is working with Konecranes Port Services to recommission 23 port cranes, as part of a programme to revitalise Taranto Port in the south-east of Italy.
  • Helping hand
    Liebherr has used one of its own portal cranes to make further progress on the construction of a huge heavy-lift crane.
  • Social distancing maintained with lifting kit
    SycloneAttco Service, the manufacturer of the Sky Hook range of jib cranes, has highlighted the suitability of its lifting equipment in enabling operators to complete a two-person lift single-handedly, as per the ‘social distancing’ requirements of the efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Until next time
08 May, 2020 Logimat is a European showcase of new products from the lifting industry. Scheduled for March in Stuttgart, this year it was, as with almost all public events, cancelled. Julian Champkin presents some groundbreakers that would have been on show there.
  • Training carries on
    Training is of course essential, but what specific benefits does it bring? And how can technology help it to continue during the current crisis? Julian Champkin investigates.
  • Linked In
    Chain hoists, manual or powered, have been around for many years. They tend to carry smaller loads than wire rope hoists, but their convenience and easy-to-handle nature makes them ubiquitous. Julian Champkin looks at the latest offerings.
  • International growth for Reid Lifting
    UK-based Reid Lifting was acquired by Pure Lifting in mid-2019. Daniel Searle spoke to the company about their plans for the business under the new ownership.
  • Easy Street
    Street Crane, based in the UK, has developed a web-based tool that will revolutionise how the company, and its global network of distributors, take and produce orders. Daniel Searle visited the company.


Disruption, uncertainty, and a small landmark
13 May, 2020 There was really only one option of what to write about in this month’s Editor’s Comment, and that, of course, and unfortunately, is the spread of Covid-19, or Coronavirus, and the immediate effect it’s had on our industry.
  • Thanks to the posties for almost 10,000 deliveries
    It’s difficult to start this comment piece anywhere other than on the most obvious topic of Covid-19, and to say that I hope all our readers, and everyone in our industry across the world, are staying safe during the current outbreak.
  • Navigating the challenges of subsea lifting
    It’s hard to imagine how difficult it must be to work in offshore conditions. Sure, you could start by looking out of the window, if you’ve lived in the UK during the last six months—we’re already up to the letter ‘D’ in the alphabet of named storms so far in 2020, and Ciara and Dennis have brought some pretty spectacularly bad weather with them in recent weeks—but, joking aside, that isn’t really a patch on the harshness of the conditions found on offshore wind farms, rigs, and so on.
  • After the uncertainty: more uncertainty
    Britain, as you may have heard, has had its fair share of political upheaval and public votes in the last few years. Three general elections, one advisory referendum on whether to leave the EU or not, and a lot of debate, both amongst the public and the politicians.