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Heating equipment specialist installs Verlinde hoists
15 November, 2017 Verlinde has installed 11 hoists at the new induction heating equipment plant of Belgium’s Inductotherm.
  • Two acquisitions for rigging specialist Van Beest
    Netherlands-based Van Beest, a manufacturer of rigging including chains, shackles and hooks, has acquired the majority of the shares of Spanish company Irizar Forge and Norwegian company Load Solutions.


Hanging tough
16 November, 2017 Tom Woerndl looks at how manufacturers of crane ropes are responding to market challenges and customer demands
  • German Insight
    The German overhead crane industry is vast and varied, with manufacturers of complete hoists alongside producers of consumables and components. Daniel Searle travelled through the west of the country to learn more.
  • The Two Towers
    Two specially-adapted Potain tower cranes manufactured by Manitowoc are being used as permanent handling equipment in a steel yard in Italy.
  • Sea change
    Service providers and manufacturers are exploring new technologies to avoid any interruptions during offshore operations, and ensure safety even in harsh sea conditions. Paola De Pascali reports.
  • Driving forces
    Keren Fallwell looks at the motors and gearbox manufacturers powering the crane industry


Steady growth is the responsible way forward
15 November, 2017 You may remember that when last month’s comment was written, I’d just returned from a week in the west of Germany, visiting various manufacturers and designers of hoists and other lifting gear.
  • Technology helps lifting equipment to keep moving
    When you compare the bare bones of modern overhead lifting equipment to similar kit from decades ago, there are pretty clear similarities and indeed some aspects that haven’t changed much at all.
  • Looking ahead to the coming issues of Hoist
    It’s that time of year when, for many of you reading, work takes a back-seat and we can enjoy a well-earned break over the summer period. Here in the UK we don’t have a traditional widespread shutdown in quite the same manner as in some other countries, but nevertheless I will be spending a week in early August down in Cornwall. Planned activities include watching the boats rolling in to the bay and then watching them roll out again, and risking ejection from the region by publicly layering jam and cream on my scones in the order traditionally preferred by the neighbouring county of Devon.