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23 September, 2020 The first Overhead Crane and Hoist Innovation Conference will take place online on October 8th, with nine speakers from our industry all giving presentations.
  • New CM 653-A lever hoist launched
    US firm Columbus McKinnon has introduced the CM Series 653-A ratchet lever hoist—a redesign of its CM 653 model, with a much lighter and more compact form factor.
  • Obituary: Heinz Helmut Kempkes
    We regret to report that Heinz Helmut Kempkes, owner of crane manufacturer Kuli Hebezeuge and a managing partner in since 1982, has passed away at the age of 72.


Renewed Interest
28 August, 2020 Energy production used to mean coal, oil and gas, with nuclear as an adjunct. Not any more: alternative sources are set to overtake fossil fuels, and the lifting equipment they will need is as varied as the sources. Julian Champkin reports.
  • R&M App allows remote data access
    US-based R&M Materials Handling has launched its Overhead Lifting Information (OLI) app, which enables operators to remotely read real-time usage and condition data from the accompanying HoistMonitor system.
  • Automation for container handling from Kalmar
    Kalmar, part of Finland-based Cargotec, has introduced Kalmar One, designed to be the first truly open automation system for the container handling industry, says the company—adding that it has the potential to make the adoption of automation easier for terminals of all kinds by removing existing barriers and mitigating risks.
  • Quick and Easy Digitalisation from Columbus Mckinnon
    The first element of Columbus McKinnon’s Intelli-Crane suite of digital motion control systems, Intelli-Protect, was introduced earlier this year, with the next—Intelli-Lift— due for launch this month.


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28 July, 2020 I’m of the opinion that there will always be a place for print media in everyday life; while the instant access of the internet makes online media extremely useful, there’s still a certain satisfaction to be had by picking up a magazine or newspaper, sitting down with it and reading it through.
  • Disruption, uncertainty, and a small landmark
    There was really only one option of what to write about in this month’s Editor’s Comment, and that, of course, and unfortunately, is the spread of Covid-19, or Coronavirus, and the immediate effect it’s had on our industry.
  • Thanks to the posties for almost 10,000 deliveries
    It’s difficult to start this comment piece anywhere other than on the most obvious topic of Covid-19, and to say that I hope all our readers, and everyone in our industry across the world, are staying safe during the current outbreak.
  • Navigating the challenges of subsea lifting
    It’s hard to imagine how difficult it must be to work in offshore conditions. Sure, you could start by looking out of the window, if you’ve lived in the UK during the last six months—we’re already up to the letter ‘D’ in the alphabet of named storms so far in 2020, and Ciara and Dennis have brought some pretty spectacularly bad weather with them in recent weeks—but, joking aside, that isn’t really a patch on the harshness of the conditions found on offshore wind farms, rigs, and so on.