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May 2018


New materials handling site chooses Street Crane
31 May 2018 P.P Group, a UK-based materials manufacturer, has purchased ten overhead cranes from Street Cranes to install at its new £6m facility.

One winch, two modes, two uses
31 May 2018 Ingersoll Rand has unveiled what they say is a new concept that delivers greater safety in man-lifting operations. Their Hydraulic Force Series dual-purpose winch can operate in two separate modes, using two separate hydraulic motors of different powers.

GH launches twin hoist system
31 May 2018 Spain’s GH has introduced its Twin Hoist system, based on two synchronised hoists and designed to offer improved safety, performance and efficiency.

Bespoke Reid system provides motor control
31 May 2018 UK-based Reid Lifting, a manufacturer of lightweight gantry and davit cranes, provided a customised version of its 1t-capacity Porta-Gantry system to a wastewater treatment facility in Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

Acquisitions across the lifting industry
31 May 2018 Kito Corporation has acquired all the shares of Finland-based Erikkila, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Kito Europe.

April 2018


Casar supplies new ropes for shipyard Goliath
12 April 2018 Casar has supplied replacement ropes for a Goliath crane operating at the Odense Steel Shipyard in Denmark.

Space-saving Goliath erection in Finland
12 April 2018 Mammoet has used a space-saving method to erect a Konecranes Goliath crane at the Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland.

PaR launches Europe Handling Solutions Centre of Excellence
12 April 2018 PaR Systems, a global leader in automated handling systems, will open a new ‘Centre of Excellence’ facility at Lillyhall, Workington in early 2018.

Konecranes for plastic packaging machine maker
12 April 2018 ASB International, a manufacturer of production machinery for PET containers, has equipped its export-focused plant near Mumbai, India with some of Konecranes’ most advanced lifting technologies, with a view to improving quality, safety and cost-efficiency of operations.

Kito hoists lift snow machines for ski slopes
12 April 2018 Polish company Supersnow is using electric chain hoists from Kito as part of their snow-making machines, designed to produce artificial snow for winter sports venues.

Feature-rich hoists for wide cable cranes
12 April 2018 Crane and hoist manufacturer Condra is to supply lifting equipment for continuing expansion at Aberdare Cables’ facility at Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

March 2018


High rollers
12 March 2018 The Rolls Royce Vietnam plant, part of the company’s global marine division, is operating nine Konecranes electric girder cranes and 12 Konecranes jib cranes.

Eepos at FENDT tractors
12 March 2018 Eepos has designed and installed a lightweight aluminium crane system at a tractor and agricultural manufacturer in Marktoberdorf, Germany.

New leaders at LEEA
12 March 2018 LEEA, the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, made three new appointments in January. Paul Fulcher became LEEA chairperson; Dr Ross Maloney (pictured, left) the new chief executive officer; and Kat Moss chairperson of the Association’s Learning and Development Committee.

Ranger Lifting opens Melbourne facility
12 March 2018 Lifting and rigging equipment supplier Ranger Lifting, headquartered in New South Wales, opened a new facility in Melbourne, Victoria in January to meet ongoing demand, principally from the city’s thriving construction sector.

Shuttlelift swans into modular housing
12 March 2018 Swan Housing Associates of Essex and East London, a builder and manager of houses to rent or buy, has bought a Shuttlelift SL 35II gantry crane for offsite construction of modular housing units.

Stahl lifts sluice gate in high Himalayas
12 March 2018 Stahl has supplied a winch to raise the sluice at a hydroelectric power plant at the foot of the Himalayas.

Johnson picks Konecranes’ CXT Explorer
12 March 2018 Johnson Arabia has ordered Konecranes’ CXT Explorer containerised overhead crane for use as a temporary repair workshop for its mobile cranes and AWPs.

February 2018


Composite material part workshop installs two cranes
23 February 2018 Multiplast, a French manufacturer of monohulls and multihulls for ships, has purchased two Europont overhead cranes fitted with Verlinde hoists for its new composite material parts workshop.

Street Crane reaches for the stars at space facility
23 February 2018 A space facility in the UK, which has been involved with more than 210 space missions, has had 14 overhead cranes fitted by Street Crane.