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Hanging tough
16 November, 2017
Tom Woerndl looks at how manufacturers of crane ropes are responding to market challenges and customer demands
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German Insight 15 November, 2017 The German overhead crane industry is vast and varied, with manufacturers of complete hoists alongside producers of consumables and components. Daniel Searle travelled through the west of the country to learn more.
The Two Towers 15 November, 2017 Two specially-adapted Potain tower cranes manufactured by Manitowoc are being used as permanent handling equipment in a steel yard in Italy.
Sea change 10 October, 2017 Service providers and manufacturers are exploring new technologies to avoid any interruptions during offshore operations, and ensure safety even in harsh sea conditions. Paola De Pascali reports.
Driving forces 10 October, 2017 Keren Fallwell looks at the motors and gearbox manufacturers powering the crane industry
life begins at 60 10 October, 2017 Illinois-based Handling Systems International is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. But with new ownership and major expansion planned, the company is just getting started. Daniel Searle reports.
Driving progress 10 October, 2017 Pelloby has installed two 35t double-girder cranes at a press shop at BMW Group’s Mini plant at Swindon, UK.
Clean machines 11 September, 2017 Cleanroom processes make special demands on lifting equipment, which hoist manufacturers and distributors are only too pleased to accommodate. Sally Spencer reports
Automation is the key 11 September, 2017 Paola De Pascali finds that users in South East Asia are increasingly asking for smart features to enhance productivity and sustainability.
Energy Boost 14 August, 2017 The Caspian is a growth region for many lifting equipment companies. Keren Fallwell reports
Big Issue 14 August, 2017 A robust safety culture is driving the market in the heavy lifting sector of the crane industry. Paola De Pascali reports.
PUMPED UP 14 August, 2017 Street Crane has manufactured and installed six new overhead cranes at the expanded production facility of engineering company Hayward Tyler.
Half-century of lifting 03 August, 2017 Pelloby is just a few months away from celebrating its 50th year in business. Paola De Pascali takes a look at the products and services they offer today and reviews their halfcentury of lifting experience.

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