Loadmate upgrades electric wire rope hoist

20 March 2017 by Daniel Searle

India-based handling equipment manufacturer Loadmate has launched an upgraded version of its electric wire rope hoist.

The hoist is suitable for a range of applications including steel plants, power plants, construction sites, factories, the oil and gas industry, warehouses, heavy fabrication units, railway yards, transporters, mine quarries, harbours, large water works, the marine sector, and more.

The key new features of the hoist include a motor that is suitable for frequent starting, stopping, and braking, and is provided with Class ‘B’ insulation.

Also added are brakes that are mounted on the non-driving end of the motor to increase accessibility; a trolley frame that is rigidly bolted to the hoist frame through a series of holes, ensuring proper adjustments of the flange width, and features CT wheels that come with ball bearings and are mounted on EN 8 stel axles; a pendant push-button control station suspended at a convenient height by steel chain or wire rope, operating at 24/110 volts to help avoid accidents; and alloy steel hobbed-teeth helical spur gears with a solid pinion, running on ball bearings with an oil-bath lubrication.

The hoist also features a 6x37 class special plough hempcore steel wire rope, says Loadmate, and has a safety factor of 6 for Class II and 7 for Class III.

Safety features include four falls of wire rope, an emergency stop function, overload tripping, and a limit switch.