Cargo king

2 August 2017

Brunnhuber Cranes Germany, part of the Teichmann Group, has delivered a 46.5m-long two-girder bridge crane with load-bearing capacity of 50t to an all-weather harbour terminal in Amsterdam.

The crane and its components were transported to the Ko¨nigs-Wusterhausen harbour was completed on trucks, before being shipped to Amsterdam. The loading from truck to ship was completed used an overhead 45t second-hand double-level jib luffing crane, which was delivered to Ko¨nigs-Wusterhausen earlier this year by Brunnhuber’s sister company Cranetech.

After an eight-day journey by ship, the crane was received on site and pre-assembled by Brunnhuber, before being lifted into position by a mobile crane. Once completed the terminal, which lies partly in water, will be commissioned and the Brunnhuber crane will be used 365 days a year to handle cargo.