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Broader horizons 09 October, 2018 Petteri Lempiainen, technical director at Finland-based Erikkila, says that the company’s integration with Kito Corporation will help it extend its sales network. Tom Woerndl reports. > read more

Sail away 09 October, 2018 A davit crane manufactured by UK-based Reid Lifting has been installed at Calvert Trust Kielder, a specialised site for outdoors leisure pursuits, to allow disabled people to participate in watersports and other activities.

Trash converters 25 September, 2018 Waste-to-energy plants, which convert domestic or industrial waste and by-products into power, require reliable, efficient cranes, often with specialised bodywork and grabs. Julian Champkin looks at three examples, starting with a woodchip processing facility in Germany.

Rolling on rails 25 September, 2018 The overhead monorail is a simple and robust way of moving loads in a factory. It has a long history but, as Julian Champkin finds, it has a future as well.

Trump card 24 September, 2018 Erratic and controversial he may be, but Donald Trump’s business measures in the USA seem to have boosted industry in the country— albeit with some uncertainty. Daniel Searle reports.

Alping hand 21 September, 2018 Stahl CraneSystems supplied chain hoists used in a tunnelling project in Austria, working with French bespoke lifting solution developer Acimex.

High water 20 July, 2018 Verlinde has installed a gantry crane at a hydraulic engineering company in Algeria, replacing the existing crane that had been operating on the site for 30 years.

Hot Ticket 14 June, 2018 Live performances in theatres and arenas are demanding sophisticated special effects, and sophisticated lifting gear to provide them. Julian Champkin reports.

Sway away 14 June, 2018 Sway control devices are becoming ever more useful, and used. Julian Champkin reports.

Versatile handling 14 June, 2018 Exhibitors at Modex in Atlanta, USA showcased innovations in a range of types of lifting equipment, as well as accessories that keep hoists at the cutting edge. Daniel Searle visited the show.

Bridge club 14 June, 2018 Shuttlelift has supplied two DB Series RTGs to Oldcastle Precast, a bridge girder specialist in California.

Magnetic attraction 15 March, 2018 Czech Republic-based Axima manufactures a range of power systems for heavy lifting electromagnets.

Get a grip 15 March, 2018 Automatic hook innovator Elebia has introduced the 5t-capacity C5 automatic lifting clamp, designed to work in pairs or multiple pairs to lift loads such as steel plates.

Regional Differences 15 March, 2018 Lifting equipment market conditions in Latin America rely on the local political climate, which affects commodities and projects. Paola De Pascali reports

Decom boom 15 March, 2018 Political and financial reasons put some new projects on hold but the nuclear business is still alive thanks to the prosperous decommissioning market. Paola De Pascali reports.

Good as new 15 March, 2018 Engineer Marcel Koenen of Brunssum, the Netherlands, has salvaged and restored a hoist from a demolished canal lock, and installed the machinery in his garden.

Hanging tough 16 November, 2017 Tom Woerndl looks at how manufacturers of crane ropes are responding to market challenges and customer demands

German Insight 15 November, 2017 The German overhead crane industry is vast and varied, with manufacturers of complete hoists alongside producers of consumables and components. Daniel Searle travelled through the west of the country to learn more.

The Two Towers 15 November, 2017 Two specially-adapted Potain tower cranes manufactured by Manitowoc are being used as permanent handling equipment in a steel yard in Italy.

The next stage 21 March, 2017 Penny Hydraulics’ specialist division Penny Nuclear is currently focusing on decommissioning projects, with more expansion of the business to come. Daniel Searle reports.

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