Hoist Magazine TV (HMTV) catches up with Richard Oldknow, VP, sales EMEA, Yoke Industrial Corporation to talk about the state of the industry, digilisation, and what’s new at the company. 

Yoke has announced, following a comprehensive audit of its Taichung manufacturing plant, which is its centre of excellence for forging, heat treatment and CNC machining, it is proud to add the LEEA full member status to its list of approvals and industry memberships.   


“I am delighted our team has achieved full member status of LEEA, the team from LEEA were very focused on our quality planning, documentation, training and a pleasure to work with.  The team at Yoke were able to demonstrate full compliance with LEEA requirements and we look forward to utilizing their resources for our sales and manufacturing teams,” said Steven Hong, chairman of Yoke Industrial Corporation.  

LEEA members have unrivalled access to all the latest technical, legal and safety information needed to operate successfully in today's lifting industry. 

The Taichung Yoke plant employs over 400 people and manufactures products including G100/G80, YP Lifting points, Snatch Blocks, Swivels and a wide range of chain and wire rope fittings. 

#GLAD is a global day, July 8, shining a light on the industry and the people within it, promoting the event on social media and with a programme of events via the LEEA website 

It is also keen on recruiting new recruits into the sector, especially those from the military.