The quay cranes belongs to a large-scale quayside container crane, and adopts double-trolley design with a load capacity of 65t, a reach distance of 70m and aon-rail lifting height of 46m. In order to adapt to the wholly-automated wharf system, the crane highly integrates automation technology for the first time all over the world, the company said. It integrates the usage of CCTV camera monitoring system, automated positioning camera, OCR system camera, cart magnetic nail positioning system and trolley magneto-scale positioning system. The lifting appliance of the crane uses the compatible control mode of optical fiber communication and two-line communication, which can integrate all signals, effectively reduce the number of lifting cable cores and enhance system stability.

This project is the world’s first unmanned wholly-automated container wharf, the advantageous performance of which follows the developing trend of environmental protection, high efficiency and intelligentization, the company said. ZPMC added that it is expected to trigger the loading and unloading reform of container wharf together with its special merit of low cost.