The hoists have been supplied by Swindon Lifting from the J D Neuhaus mini range. An initial installation in the production area was introduced five years ago, with further hoists added since.

The chosen hoists are the J D Neuhaus Mini, with 125 and 250kg lift capacities available. The units adopted durable designs, making them suitable for the working conditions; they also use less air than many other pneumatic hoists and have already shown an improvement over the wire rope balances previously used.

Swindon Lifting has also supplied other operating area at HUM, including 500kg capacity models, typically used by plant maintenance services for other heavy duty lifting application, with load control accuracy required.

The J D Neuhaus mini series hoists can be supplied in four lifting capacities up to a maximum of 980kg at standard heights of 3, 5 and 8 metres. Pendant controls are fitted for sensitive load controls and with an emergency safety shut-off valve also provided as standard.