The VGI range provides lifting capacities from 500kg to 1t, and a standard height of 3m that can be increased to up to 5m on request. The span is variable from 2.5m to 5m, according to the requirements of the application, and a wheel gauge of 2.8m is designed to ensure full stability during load handling.

It features polyamide swivel wheels and polyurethane wheel covers, which are mounted on axles and bearings and provide good resistance to shock and chemical products, while providing easy travel on clean, smooth floors, says Verlinde.

The crane frame is welded and delivered in three parts that are simple to assemble with galvanised nuts and bolts, adds the company, and additional options are available for different working environments, such as a parking brake, swivel wheel lock, a power cord with winder, and a selection switch for use with an electrically-powered hoist.

The VGIM range of cranes offers powered travel and lifting capacities of 1t–6.3t, with the electrical switchgear and two motors running on low voltage at 48V. Each motor drives one wheel on either side of the gantry crane, with the other two free-wheeling.

The trolley and its hoist travel on the upper profile are powered through an electrical daisy chain, with a keypad controlling all travel and vertical load handling. A range of options including a power cord with winder and section switch, a radio control and batteries enable the hoisting unit to be autonomous.