Emotron has almost 20 years experience of crane operation in the steel industry, shipping and ports – among other areas. The main benefits of using the company’s variable speed drives, developed for crane control, are “shorter cycle times, reduced maintenance and higher levels of safety,” it said.

A crab carriage riding on a 20m long rail allows realistic simulation of riding and hoisting. Here, the company offers theoretical and practical two-day trainings the third week of every month. Emotron personnel also gain from the new arrangement, both for internal training and for testing new crane functions. The first participants came from Latin America and Russia.

The Emotron VFX variable speed drives are available in the power range 0.75-1,500kW. Models of up to 132kW are IP54 classified and models of 160-800kW can be installed in compact Emotron IP54 cabinets.