The operator can guide the load safely using the two non-slip handles, while controlling all the chain hoist functions without moving their hands. It is suitable, Stahl said, for both right- and left-hand operation.

If greater heights of lift are required, the control unit can be removed from its cradle and used as a conventional radio remote control.

The RadioMOVEit is attached to the load chain with two screws and can ‘easily be adjusted to the desired working height’, according to Stahl. ‘It is just as easy to remove it whenever the full height of lift of the chain hoist is required.’


The radio control can be used with all chain hoists from Stahl. On newer models the radio receiver needs to be connected to the control; older models can be retrofitted with the necessary connection.

A total of 69 radio channels are available and allow more than one RadioMOVEit to be operated safely in the same room. The control unit has an emergency stop function and is approved in category 3 in compliance with EN 954-1.