Maintaining the required distance between operators can make some tasks in vital manufacturing processes—such as the production of medical supplies, equipment, and other necessities—either challenging or impossible to perform safely, says the company.

Two-person lifts are currently prohibited due to the close distance between staff, and the implementation of new overhead crane solutions can take weeks and months before the equipment becomes operational, as well as requiring additional time and training to integrate into operations, adds SycloneAttco Service.

The company is promoting its Sky Hook range of ergonomic lifting devices as a solution to this problem. The customisable, lightweight systems provide a safe way for a single operator to complete lifting jobs previously assigned to two operators.

The Sky Hook range of cranes have been manufactured by SycloneAttco Service in the USA since 1969, and are both OSHA and ASME compliant.

“During this time of crisis, we’ve been contacted by many companies seeking lifting solutions to fill these lifting needs and Sky Hook has been proud to rise to the occasion,”said Dusty White, technical sales manager.

“We are currently waiving our production expedite charges on both custom and standard units so customers can obtain the lifting solution that they need in a timely and efficient manner to keep up with their current production demand.

“We also have cleanroom modifications available allowing our products to adapt to a variety of work environments. Americans all across our nation are pulling together to meet this adversity head-on and Sky Hook is proud to do its part!”