The work shall be accomplished in three phases. Phase one consists of painting gate one of the dam and associated work, phase two consists of providing a new sluice gate bulkhead and rehabbing the existing sluice gates, sluice gate hoists, bonnets and embedded frames as well as replacing existing hydraulic pumps, piping and electrical controls, while phase three will consist of replacing existing tainter gate motors, controllers, control system, gate chains and sprockets and various electrical equipment.

The performance period will be 180 calendar days for each phase, which may or may not run concurrently. The total estimated magnitude of work for all three phases is between $1-5m.

Solicitation number: FA9101-07-B-0006.

Contact: Alan Fudge, contracting officer, tel: +1 931 454 4406, fax: +1 931 454 7330, email: