Four hydro-electric plants on the Cahabón River in Guatemala together form the largest hydro-electric complex in the country. Scheduled to be completed by mid-2018, the Renace dams will generate 306MW and supply 15% of the country’s population. The investment cost is around $760m.

Jaso Industrial Cranes has supplied three overhead cranes and several hoists for the maintenance of cofferdams, for the machine room, for the construction of the diversion dams, transformer substations, transmission lines and other structures of the power generation plants.

An overhead crane of 100/10t with a span of 20.3m has been provided for the Renace II plant. A similar crane of 50/10t with a span of 14.5m equips Renace III.

Renace IV, the last of the four to be completed, includes 4.9km of hydraulic pipes, 8km of transmission lines, a 129,000cb m regulating dam, and a machine house, for which an overhead crane of 80/10/10t with a span of 14.6m is being assembled. Renace IV will produce 60MW.