SWF stages Asian training event

29 January 2007

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Some 24 crane specialists from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong und Vietnam participated in the three-day technical training event.

Usually, such courses would take place in the company's Mannheim training centre, but SWF decided to organise an out-of-house event for Asian partners. Thus, the training centre was moved into a congress hotel and the factory workshop of SWF partner company Helmsion Engineering.

Participants had two days training in electro-techniques and mechanics. One topic was the frequency inverter control MicroMove and TravelMaster for steppless, gentle crane and trolley drive.

Another focal point was the electronic hoist monitoring system NovaMaster with its "many advantages" of monitoring the current situation of the crane and especially the hoist. The correct and exact adjusting and diagnosis of the digital assistants were "thoroughly trained," it said.

The electric wire rope hoists - NOVA - and the customised component package crane kits were treated from the mechanical point of view.

Participants mounted a complete crane kit as it would happen in a real crane project. All components delivered by SWF Krantechnik next to the electric wire rope hoist NOVA, such as end carriages, power supply, control device, crane control cabinet and trolleys are pre-assembled or mountable by connexion or bolted assembly.

Further training units in Asia are to take place in the future. Topics will be specially designed for that market.

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