The power cable is being laid through the tunnel, securing the power supply to and from Great Britain and France and Palfinger has supplied its scissor lift platforms to help lay the cable.

GOS Tools & Engineering Services and Palfinger has worked together in the past and carried out initial field findings and corresponding feedback ahead of the project.

The result is the PA1500 scissor lift platform, a tailor-made small series for use in the Channel Tunnel, which has a safe working load of 1.5 tons and can work at an inclination of up to 10° when fully laden.

The basket is six meters long, and the width is adjustable from 2.9 to 4.5 meters, giving a maximum working space of nearly 30 m². The platform’s modular construction means it can be installed on a wide variety of vehicles. By engaging synchronous operation mode, every movement of two scissor lift platforms mounted one behind the other can be steered simultaneously using a remote control.

“The scissor lift platforms arrived and immediately turned heads,” said Carl Jones, rail director, GOS Tools & Engineering Services. “They are so impressive. They are so much better than they looked at the Microsoft Teams virtual presentations. The love of detail is a hallmark of Palfinger. The 16 PA1500 scissor lift platforms are custom-made.”

Apart from the PA1500 platforms, the order also includes two PA 200 platforms, two PKR 800 railway cranes, six PR 220 cranes incl. BB 29 and BB 49 baskets, and other equipment with a total value of several million euros.

“GOS knows that we deliver top quality, always focus on solutions and adapt our work to each customer’s requirements,” said Christian Prantl, head of sales, Palfinger Railway. “A strong partnership and genuine mutual trust are the key elements in this project’s success.”