The Smarton crane is a modular system that Konecranes said allows it to support the latest technological innovations and be tailored to suit each customers needs.

It has a compact size, allowing it to be installed in small industrial spaces, as well as tight hook approaches that allow loads to be lifted and lowered closer to the wall, Konecranes said.

The Smarton crane is designed to monitor its own condition and recommend when servicing is required, and what type of maintenance is needed. This, Konecranes said, extends the service life of various components, such as the wire rope.

A human interface to machine (HIM) system keeps the user continuously aware of the weight of the loads and its position relative to the workspace. The HIM system also speeds up user training of the crane and provides instant guidance on system issues and the relevant solution.


Konecranes said these characteristics are represented in the crane’s name, with Smarton an acronym formed from: space-making; maintenance friendly and modular; adjustable and applicable; reliable; and able to move tons.

According to the configuration of the crane, it can lift 30t loads through to loads weighing more than 500t.

“We wanted to introduce a crane that satisfies customer needs and is implemented using the best available technology,” said Ari Kiviniitty, Konecranes’ chief technology officer.

“The development of Smarton incorporates the experience we have accumulated from the maintenance of hundreds of thousands of cranes and from our extensive product range, which is the most comprehensive in the field of industrial lifting applications.”