Overhead crane used in helicopter life saving escape training

10 August 2012

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A 4t crane is being used to help simulate a helicopter crash at sea to provide avionics students with underwater escape training at Blackpool College’s Fleetwood Nautical Campus.

UK firm Street Crane installed a fixed position goal post crane, capable of lateral and horizontal movement, on a single girder spanning the pool that is supported by A frames.

Up to five people strap themselves into a helicopter simulator module, known as the helicopter underwater escape trainer (HUET), before being moved out to the centre of the pool by the under slung hoist.

From this position the HUET can be immersed in a specially constructed pool that generates 1m waves along with lighting and weather effects, such as rain, and trainees then have to unstrap themselves, put on respirators and make a safe exit.

Street Crane managing director Andrew Pimblett said: "This is one of the most unusual applications that we have had for our cranes.
The unusual item is a dual coil spring that moderates the fall and allows the module to be suspended over the water before release at 1m above the water."