Corrosion protection gets trade fair

5 May 2009

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The inaugural trade fair for corrosion protection, preservation and packaging is to take place in Stuttgart, Germany at the end of October.

Corosave will look at the ways and means of counteracting the natural process of corrosion by offering an explanation of the causes and the measures that can be taken to delay it.

It is to be staged concurrently with parts2clean, the trade fair for cleaning within the production process and maintenance.

“Corrosion is a natural process which causes immense damage ever year in nearly all industry sectors,” says Corosave organiser FairXperts.

“The process of change can only be counteracted if its outward manifestations and influence factors are known, and if corresponding measures are implemented on the basis of this knowledge.

“This offers significant potential for reducing costs, as well as for increasing the operating safety of products, systems and components for numerous industries.”

Corosave takes place at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre on 20-22 October.